Eternity bands: The perfect anniversary gift.

Diamond eternity rings have a perfect and endless cycle which provides a reminder of ones never-ending love. Whether worn with an engagement ring, or alone eternity bands are absolutely stunning from every angle. Eternity bands are available in multiple diamond cuts and several metals. Eternity bands come in the following diamond cuts:

  • Round
  • Emerald
  • Asscher
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Baguette
  • Pear
  • Heart

Eternity bands can even be mixed with two different diamond cuts.

Round Eternity Bands:

Round Eternity Bands provide a classic unmatched beauty and are the most loved of all eternity rings. It can be worn with your engagement ring or stacked with other stunning bands. Round diamonds are perfectly symmetrical and are therefore easier to size and match your needs. Since rounds are the most common diamonds, they have the most options and can create a specific and beautiful eternity ring for your finger.


Emerald Cut Eternity Bands

This sleek emerald ring is a stunning and elegant compliment to your engagement ring. It is unique and provides a modern sophistication for an on-trend look. Emerald diamonds are known for their elegance and shine. Emerald diamonds look more white than other diamonds since they contain fewer sides which therefore do not retract light.


Asscher Cut Eternity Bands:


Asscher cut diamonds are designed to have less imperfections than other diamonds. This cut brings out the clarity of the diamond. It is octagonally-shaped and has four sides. It makes up for its lack of brilliance with its amazing flash and clarity.


Oval Eternity Bands:

A beautiful & unexpected design, this oval eternity ring provides a stylish twist. The diamonds encircle the finger for a timeless, eye-catching look. Ovals are second only to round cuts in the brilliance and fire reflected to the eye.


Radiant Cut Eternity Bands:

This gleaming continuous ring showcases beautiful radiant cut diamonds that bring a shine and brilliance to any finger. Radiant diamonds are popular for those who like square shapes but also like the sparkle of a round diamond. Radiant diamonds are brilliant cut stones, and they therefore hide inclusions well. A VS2 and above radiant therefore looks clean to the eye.