Three Diamond Tennis Necklace Options That Are A Must This Christmas

Just as the name suggests, the Tennis Necklace is created with its bracelet counterpart in mind. Tennis Necklaces is a statement on its own, in beauty in elegance, it never goes out of style and technically goes with anything. People would usually think that Tennis Necklaces can only be worn in special events or occasion but this is where they are wrong, Tennis are versatile and can be work with either dresses or everyday casual clothing. As I already mentioned before, "It technically goes with anything".
- The classic and standard 4-prong Tennis Necklace is technically the most common type of setting amongst its different types of settings, the 4-prongs are meant to hold heavier stones compared to the 3-prong variant. It provides a more solid hold on the stone with 4 prongs forming a box shape that gives the stone a square-shaped look.
3-prong Tennis necklace is a great choice due to its slick and unique style. Unlike the 4-prong, the 3-prong does not fully encase the diamond/gemstone it is holding giving it more chance to sparkle and flaunt its brilliance. The unique way that the 3-prong is connected together gives it a beautiful pattern as it wraps around your neck.
Large center stones make an enhance look... This is probably my most favorite variation for the tennis bracelet. Mostly seen with pearl necklaces, this style has been adapted on making tennis bracelets as well, and it looks amazing. It starts with a large center stone, then as it goes further away, the stones gradually decreases in size giving it a sense of depth.