Top 5 Eternity Bands for Women

Any bride can now wear a symbol of the sought-after everlasting commitment and style given the unique designed diamond eternity bands. New possibilities include colored stones, artisan finishes, sleeker shapes, and much more. The timeless silhouette with sparkling stones around its circle falls under unique bridal jewelry. And they are adored by many women.

Marriage or wedding translates to spending the rest of your life with your significant other. After uttering the word "I do," a diamond eternity band seems perfect to slip into your better half's finger. It promises an eternity of love and devotion.

What Exactly Is an Eternity Band?

An eternity band is a diamond ring. It is usually encircled by brilliant diamonds set all the way around the band's circumference. The radiance of the diamonds appears to last forever. Just like your affections for your partner. It is typical to exchange eternity bands at the altar. But, some couples get them to commemorate a special occasion. For example, an anniversary or expecting for the first time. Their designs are profound and captivating to the eye. Hence their demand is so high in the wedding market.

Eternity wedding bands are available in a variety of styles. They also have a variety of metals and embellishments in their collection. They are ideal for engagements because of their versatility. But, also for other special occasions and casual everyday fashion. They are also perfect if you want to dabble with the trend of stacking rings.

Make her go speechless by surprising her with the elegance of such a divine piece of jewelry. To make it easy for you, we have searched endlessly. And made a list of the top five eternity bands. You can select any one of these, as all of them rank high on the exquisite scale.

1. 8 Carats Round Diamond Eternity Band

Round cut diamonds are classic and traditional. People have admired this particular cut since the beginning, and they still do. Which is why this 8 carat diamond eternity band is perfect if your soulmate prefers tradition and old age customs.

8 carat diamond eternity band


This astounding ring features glinting diamonds arranged in a basket setting. Which brings out optimal exposure of the stones around the finger. Its 14k metal band makes the girth of the ring more prominent. And, also available in a range of colors. You can choose either the white, yellow or the rose gold one. Its delicate design will settle on your finger with sureness and inner warmth. 

  1. 7 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band 

One of the most ancient diamond shapes is the emerald cut. Its artistic roots are found all the way back to the 1500s. The Emerald cut gained popularity because of its low pressure during the cutting process. Which prevents gem fractures. With such marvelous durability, the 7 carat eternity band with its emerald cut stone is perfect for fast-paced women. 

7 carat eternity band

Its sturdiness makes it more reliable, while its polished glow makes it a stunning piece of work. This ring is a continuous circle of emerald cut diamonds set in u prong style setting. It gives off a roaring sparkle when matched up with fashionable evening attire. It also goes well with casual looks as it comes in white, yellow, and rose gold colors. All of them are versatile enough to work with your regular and party outfits. 

  1. Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Eternity Band

There are many who love an added pop of color to their eternity bands. People who want to stand out from the crowd of colorless shimmering diamonds can choose a yellow diamond eternity band. With this, the shimmeriness will still be there but now you will also be able to bask in its warmth and flush while you wear it on your ring finger.

yellow diamond eternity band

This utterly radiant eternity band glows as brightly as the promise of the first sunrise on a summer day. This ring is both peaceful and adventurous, with stunning cushion cut yellow diamonds enwrapped in small white glinting stones. Made entirely with 14k white gold, it is a perfect synergy of both unique color and design. This ring will look great with both colored and white diamond complementary pieces. 

  1. Princess Eternity Band 

A princess cut eternity band is quite special to behold. Princess cut rings are a popular choice for wedding and engagement bands, particularly among individuals who appreciate square shapes' fitted style. But still, desire the blaze and effectiveness of brilliant diamonds. It is one of the most difficult cuts to work with. Mainly due to its endless circle made of squares. Hence only people with a high level of expertise can make this sparkly wonderous thing.

princess cut eternity band

This scrumptious princess cut eternity band has been made with perfect craftsmanship. It consists of exciting princess-cut diamonds placed in a flower setting. This setting elicits a complete princess feel. Its dazzle is further accentuated by all the three colored metals, namely white, yellow, and rose gold it is available on.  

  1. East-West Emerald Eternity Band 

Why not bring in a dash of modernity with classic styles for your eternity band? An east-west emerald design is perfect to have both. You'll have no regrets adding this specific design to your collection, whether you want to wear it as a perfect complement to your engagement ring or as a statement piece to elevate your style. It will also look impeccable when stacked with midi rings.

emerald eternity band

This emerald eternity band features an unending loop of emerald-cut diamonds. Which are placed in basket settings with an east-west configuration. It circulates in solid 14k gold. And is available in white, yellow, and rose color. Its brilliant design brings forth the utmost brightness of each rock. 

By now, you know that eternity bands are a terrific choice for weddings. Also, for first anniversaries, and other significant dates in a relationship. But guess what? They also make for a fantastic self-gift. Wear them stacked or alone as a dainty ring. No matter what, these diamond rings will always convey an everlasting love; they have no beginning or end.