Is Platinum better than Gold?

Is Platinum better than Gold?

By Yehuda Gamzo

The three most common engagement rings settings are 14k Gold, 18k Gold & Platinum. At Gamzo & Co, we only use the highest quality precious metals in our jewelry. Customers therefore can choose either platinum or gold. There are pros and cons to each option.


Customers love an engagement ring in yellow gold. In addition, Rose Gold is a unique color for a diamond engagement band. These are only offered in gold. However, a white ring can be made in either platinum or gold.


Both Gold & Platinum are strong precious metals. Platinum, the stronger metal is sturdier than gold and is less likely to break. In addition, platinum is softer than gold which makes it more likely to scratch or become damaged. Therefore, platinum requires more polishing over the years.

Skin Allergies:

Both gold & platinum are rare to effect skin in a negative way. However, platinum is a pure metal and therefore less likely to cause allergies.


Platinum is a lot easier to maintain over the years at home. While Gold also maintains its polish, it does not last as many years as platinum. At Gamzo & Co, we offer lifetime care which includes lifetime cleaning on all jewelry purchased from us.


A common question customers ask us – is platinum more valuable than gold. The short answer is yes! However, when melting gold vs platinum to retrieve money, gold has a higher melt value than platinum. Platinum is rarer than gold, it therefore costs more. In addition, to make a platinum ring it takes more platinum than gold and therefore the total price for the ring costs more. Gold will not tarnish or rust which also makes it a great option.


In conclusion, both gold and platinum engagement rings are excellent options. If you are looking to pay more for the rarity, purity, less maintenance, and strength choose platinum. If you want more affordable options and the option to choose colors such as rose gold and yellow gold, then gold is the better option for you.